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Judge Elaine Zaritsky Slobod
Supreme Court Justice
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Over the years, the Times Herald-Record, Orange County's local newspaper, has printed a variety of articles about Judge Slobod.

You can read a selection of these here:

"Middletown woman fills vacant judgeship" (January 5, 1979)

"Her first trial was getting adjusted" (March 5, 1979)

"Slobod likely to be first woman on bench" (October 30, 1983)

"Family Court opens doors to press" (July 16, 1988)

"A breath of air in Family Court" (July 19, 1988)

"For selfless public officials, the winners are ..." (September 14, 1990)

"A judge strains to hear a child" (August 9, 1993)

"Cheers . . . " (September 20, 1993)

"Must families hang by a political thread?" (December 7, 1994)

"GOP's values get a quick test" (December 23, 1994)

"Slobod sworn in as surrogate" (January 2, 1995)

(All articles are reproduced with permission of the Times Herald-Record)